How stomach acid can cause bloat

So I hear you want to know about stomach acid? 

Stomach acid as a topic pushes against the conventional norm. The norm that says the only problem is making excessive amounts of stomach acid and the only solution is to suppress you bodies ability to make stomach acid on its own. 

Assessment of stomach acid

An assessment must be done otherwise you are literally just using a “best guess”. 

That is not up to my standards of care and it should not be up to yours either! 


  1. Asking lots of questions!
  2. Objective testing 
Line of questioning for low stomach acid 
  • Does meat make you feel full quickly? 
  • Does meat make your feel bloated? 
  • Are you bloated 30 minutes after eating? 
  • Are you full too quickly while eating? 
  • Have you noticed changes in your appetite? 
  • Do you experience burning in the stomach region between meals (when you are hungry)? 

Line of questioning for low AND high stomach acid 

  • Do you ever feel like theres a put in your throat or something you need to swallow even though there is nothing there ? 
  • Do you ever wake up with a sore throat outside of being sick? 
  • Do you experience heartburn or acid reflux? 
  • Do you get a cough after eating or while laying down not associated with being sick? 

Line of questioning for high stomach acid 

  • Everything related to histamine & histamine intolerance in the gut 

Objective testing 

  • Burp testing 
  • Betaine HCl challenge (should be done under the supervision of a health care provider) 

What to do about stomach acid disturbances 

STEP 1: Heal the nervous system & how it talks to the gut 


STEP 2: Protect the health of the stomach lining 


STEP 3: Reset stomach acid production