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How we do it

The recipe we use is simple and effective! 


– Strategy 

– Clear & Straight Forward Treatment Plans 

– Teamwork 

– Providing Clear Expectations  

How to get started

What do you call a practitioner with experience and expertise? A specialist. 

Our expertise in hormones throughout the decades and disorders of the gut mends together care during two critical times in a woman’s life. 

Our over half a decade of experience means we have seen and treated a lot, from the simple to the complex and everything in between, including women just like you.  

If you’re curious, but have questions, that is what the button below is for. Book your free 15 minute consult with Dr. Rachel, who can answer all of your questions. 

Playing a guessing game with your health does not foster healing, it creates a logistical nightmare.

Both are primary care providers. Naturopathic doctors do not prescribe antibiotics or medications that treat acute concerns that require immediate attention. Otherwise naturopathic doctors treat the same conditions as your family medical doctor, treatment can be an alternative or in many causes integrative. Integrative means a patient will be using conventional and naturopathic treatment together to reach their health goals.

Undergraduate Degree
To be a candidate for Naturopathic Medical School applicants must complete a three or four year degree with the prerequisites required by the college. Upon identification of candidates with an appropriate grade point average and other assets specified on the application students enter a four-year degree program in Naturopathic Medicine.

Naturopathic Degree
This four year degree includes extensive medical training in biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, diagnostic testing and assessments, treatment options in botanical medicine, nutrition and nutritional supplementation, counseling, lifestyle modifications, hydrotherapy, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.  The fourth year includes an internship where students see patients under the supervision of licensed Naturopathic Doctors.

Licensing process
Upon completion of the degree in good standing, students are eligible to write the required licensing exams. This involved a board examination testing practical skills, two written examinations, one jurisprudence exam. On successful completion applicants must then apply for a license number and move through a thorough process with the Naturopathic licensing body in the regulated province they wish to practice in.

Yes! Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario are licensed to order laboratory testing within the scope determined by the regulatory body, College of Naturopathic Doctors of Ontario.

Laboratory assessments are not covered under OHIP and therefore patients are required to pay for the ordered testing agreed upon with their Naturopathic Doctor.

Yes, to an extent. In Ontario Naturopathic Medicine is regulated, therefore to have a license allowing for the in scope pharmaceuticals Licensed Naturopathic Doctors must complete an extra course in addition to schooling education of prescribing pharmaceuticals designed by a pharmacist and medical doctors. With completion, eligibility to write an extensive prescribing exam containing written and oral sections is obtained. If successful said Naturopathic Doctors has prescribing rights for pharmaceuticals within scope.

At this time it includes bio-identical hormones, desiccated thyroid and the ability to compound personalized prescriptions.

Absolutely! You don’t need to wait until you feel your worst, or try a list of other options before booking an appointment. That is the beautiful flow of what us Naturopathic Doctors do and something I take pride in, we are integrative! That means you can see an acupuncturist, osteopath, medical specialist, family medical doctor or whichever health care professional is a part of your health team while you see a Naturopathic Doctor!  Whether your goal lies in optimization, prevention or treatment I am equipped with the tools to be an integral part of your health team.

Every company varies what they offer. I would suggest calling prior to your first visit if you are unsure.

Concern often lies with patients if laboratory assessments are covered, the insurance company must be contacted for the information.

Direct billing is not currently offered.

​Recent lab work
Dynacare and life labs have online portals where your previous lab work can be accessed. Please bring a print out on your first visit.
This includes any past genetic testing that yourself or another health care provider may have ordered

Medication & Natural Health Products
This includes name of medication/brand of natural health product as well a current dose you are taking

Intake form
Upon booking your initial visit, an intake form will be emailed to you. Please do your best to fill it out and submit it prior to your appointment.

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