The precursor to Leukotrienes, Thromboxane’s and Prostaglandins is Arachidonic acid. NFkB becomes the inducing factor in prostaglandins produced by the COX-2 enzyme which is inflammatory versus to COX-1 enzyme which is not.



An imbalance between different arms of the immune system as presented below resulting in the immune system attacking specific body tissues and causing destruction and chronic disease.


inflammation and autoimmunity have a connection.

A functional assessment of your health condition in Naturopathic Medicine first requires an intake of data specific to inflammation. As pictured above inflammation is connected to many conditions including autoimmunity and can be the perpetuating factor in specific disease states such as insulin resistance. Often times the presence of inflammation becomes a barrier to health especially in the circumstances of following a treatment plan perfectly and not seeing the results you expected. When building treatment plans I am always cognizant of NFkB and STAT3 and how my therapies can impact the induction and inhibition of these important system regulators.

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