What if instead of menopause feeling like this...

It felt like this!!!

Let's talk about empowered aging.

I truly believe we should all age without losing our sensuality, our lust for life, and the feeling of comfort within our bodies.

And let’s be real, what we hear from those who have been through it, and what the media shows us .. sends the messaging the menopause is not sexy & is wildly uncomfortable.

I believe we can change this narrative for you. 

Hot flashes, sleep struggles, low libido & a dry vagina, unpredictable periods, depression, anxiety & heart palpitations and a foggy brain are a handful of the symptoms I help women manage .. or prevent, within my office. 

Ready to get the menopause support your deserve? 

Lets run your labs 

Lets assess your cardiovascular disease & breast cancer risk 

Lets talk about ALL your therapeutic options and choose the one that will protect your longevity and manage your symptoms